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Not all car accident lawyers are created equal.

The Ross Firm puts you first.

  • We’re located wherever you are with locations in Goderich, Stratford, Kincardine, Port Elgin, Owen Sound, and Walkerton
  • Local representation means you get big-city tough and small-town compassion
  • You only pay us after you receive your financial settlement
  • No financial settlement? No legal fees
Have you been injured in an accident? Or has someone close to you been hurt and you’re not sure where to turn next? Trust the personal injury lawyers at The Ross Firm. Let us focus on getting you the best possible settlement, and help you get back to the best possible version of you.


Call The Ross Firm to schedule your FREE initial consultation at (519) 524-6573 or complete the form below.

We see you before we see your case.

The Ross Firm works with you to determine the viability of your claim and help you understand what you are entitled to. So much more than a car accident lawyer, we’re here when you need it most. So, give us a call at (888) 567-4917 or fill out the form above to have our experienced Personal Injury Law Clerk call you to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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Complex Catastrophic Injuries
Car Accidents
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Pedestrian Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Snowmobile Accidents
Medical Malpractice
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my claim cost me, and will I need to pay anything upfront?

We work for you from the beginning but let you pay at the end. You’ve been hit. So have your finances. We get that paying legal bills after an accident can feel impossible. To make sure you can let us help you, we will work for you right from the beginning but let you pay us at the end. We won’t charge you legal fees unless we get you a financial settlement and we will never charge you more than 30% of your settlement. We also never take home more of your settlement than you do.

What should I expect when I call the Ross Firm?

When you call The Ross Firm, our experienced Personal Injury Law Clerk will assist you with completing our Personal Injury Intake Form that ensures we get every detail we need to advocate for you right from the start . One of our Personal Injury lawyers will review your information before your FREE initial consultation where we will discuss your case in detail, the options you have available to you, and provide our professional recommendation for how to proceed with your case.

How long can I expect my personal injury case to take?

Every Personal Injury case is different. It can take anywhere from 1-5 years for an at-fault claim to settle or go to Trial. The amount of time your claim will take to resolve depends on several factors such as: how soon you recover from your injuries, so we know what “your new normal” is, and how soon we receive critical information and reports from your medical providers or experts, and the schedules of lawyers, Mediators, and the Court, in terms of getting dates for Mediations or Trial. While we can’t tell you exactly how long it will take, we can assure you that will do everything I can to make sure that your claim moves forward as expeditiously as is possible, however, it is important that you understand that it may be in your best interests to wait to settle your claim.

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