Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

“I’ll see you in court!”  You’ve heard it said, maybe you’ve even said it yourself.  Often saying it is enough.  Sometimes it isn’t.  We’re here for when it isn’t.

All lawyers will tell you that they know the law, communicate persuasively, bill fairly and report regularly.

We do that.

Here’s what else you can expect:

We use a modern communication platform.

We interface with our clients in a manner that suits them.  In person, yes. Phone, sure. Email, of course.  Skype, FaceTime, Text – absolutely.

We offer a dedicated client portal.

A space where lawyer and client can collaborate.  Clients can see their documents and communication, calendar, and litigation budget.

A smarter law firm means a more accessible lawyer.

We engage Automated Document Assembly.

Automation allows us to assemble court documents at least 20 times faster than manually, saving time and money to be spent on your case, not clerical. Court forms and agreements are completed with improved accuracy, avoiding errors and reducing risk.

A smarter law firm means a more productive lawyer.

We offer a Digital Litigation Court Document Database.

Using leading edge technology, we have access to Canada’s largest collection of litigation court documents.  This combines litigation-focused research with practice specific tools to support your strategic decisions and automate the most tedious tasks.

A smarter law firm means a smarter lawyer.


At The Ross Firm, Civil Litigation stands for:

Breach of Contract




Shareholder Disputes

Construction Lien

Employment Law

Landlord / Tenant Disputes